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Bookkeeping made easy...
Every business must account for its finances. Why? For one thing, it’s smart to know your cash flow – where it’s coming from, where it’s going, how much is on hand. For another thing, it’s usually required by law. This means keeping track of your bills, payments, invoices, sales, payroll, bank statements, and on and on. Tracking all this stuff can be a real hassle.

Earth Bookkeeping & Payroll makes it easy. We’ll take care of the details of bookkeeping, payroll, and state and federal reports. This frees up your time for what you really want to do: grow your business.
...and affordable

Earth Bookkeeping & Payroll gives you plenty of extras. For starters, you get a free initial consultation to help you decide on just the right level of service for your business.

Here are other ways you will spend less and save more with Earth Bookkeeping & Payroll:

  • No payroll taxes for a staff bookkeeper

  • No benefit expenses

  • No time spent finding, interviewing, testing, screening and training a new bookkeeper

  • No need to buy bookkeeping software

  • No need for an extra desk, computer, printer, office, etc.

  • Much lower fees than accountants
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